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We focus on helping our local business to attract more business.

how do we do it?

We like to work in something call the visual attraction, which helps your business get noticed by drivers or just people walking around your location. We do not make the lights do any strobe movements because it will go against the city rules. Our free appointment that will send one of our specialist to help you choose the right color for your business, and find the best LED lights that will fit your store and also you budget . Book your free appoinment by going to or by calling us at 954-696-2593. 




Let us help you bring more customer thru the door….. by adding store front led lights to your store it can help you get noticed by many customers and create more foot traffic. we have different styles of lights that can help you get noticed and create a great visual attraction to your location. our customer report a 30 % increase of foot traffic during the day and repeatedly  get the same fraise   ( we never knew you were here ) well w here to help you get noticed.

954 696-2593   Ronald v.